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  Spring, 2016  

Celebrating our community's 16th year!

Welcome owners, residents and visitors of the Glenridge community.

This is the official home website for the Glenridge HOA of NC, Inc., located in Cornelius, North Carolina. All information pertaining to the Glenridge community development, and it's HOA, can be found here. Please feel free to explore the entire site.For the most up-to-date news and information about the Glenridge community and its HOA, please check the 'Community News'  page on this site.

For information for Glenridge Homeowners Association members, please refer to the 'Homeowner's Section' of the website. The Glenridge HOA Governing documents and the Architectural Review Change request form can be found here.

To find that latest local and regional family fun events, check out our 'Events' page.

For a quick link to local governmental and other local links, go to the 'Local Links' page.

For useful online informational websites, check out our 'Web Links' page.

For additional information about the Glenridge development, the management companies that service the HOA and it's community, and how to contactact the Glenridge HOA Board of Directors, please refer to the 'Contact Us' and 'About Us' pages.

For an index of the contents and pages of this website, please refer to the
'Site Map' page.

And lastly, if you would like to volunteer to help with the Glenridge HOA, the community or this website, please refer to the 'Help Wanted' page. Your efforts and volunteer service would be greatly appreciated!

Check back on this website often, as this website is a "work in progress" and will be forever changing, expanding and adding new content to the site on a regular basis. This website will also be the primary source of communication, updates and important news and information for the residents of the Glenridge community.

New Website Postings:

New Postings:

Community Pool News Section > 

04-05-2016 - Important Peter Anastos Letter to the Entire Glenridge Community.  

03-24-2016 - Information Concerning the Glenridge Preliminary Injunction Filing. 

Community News Section > 

04-27-2016 - Glenridge 2016 HOA Annual Meeting Notice posted to website. 

01-25-2016 - Glenridge Recyclables Collection Schedule Updated.

01-01-2016 - Happy New Year - Glenridge Community!


   Previous Website Postings:

09-18-2015 - All Pool Litigation Information and Legal Filings have been added to the  Pool News Page

08-17-2015 - Dedicated Community Pool News Page is Added to Website

07-29-2015 - Glenridge Pool Litigation -  Preliminary Injunction hearing CANCELLED!

06-16-2015 - Letter to the Glenridge HOA community regarding the Glenridge pool litigation.

- 2015 Glenridge HOA Annual Meeting Notice and Meeting Package -

 - 2015 Glenridge Open Board of Directors Meeting Schedule -

< Homeowner's Section Page >

-- Open Letter to the Glenridge Community Concerning the Glenridge Pool Management -

-- Glenridge Community Pool Financial Management Procedures Document and cover letter to CSI Property Management -

- 2014 Annual Glenridge HOA President's Report -

- < Homeowner's Section Page - Right Side Tab > - 2015 Recyclables Pickup Schedule -

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